14 March 2010

Remaking a classic

I love the classic marines. They had passion in their faces, and often the pose to match, something I have been trying to incorporate into my current attempt at army building. The model above in particular became one of my favourites for many years, and I decided to try and create a modern counterpart, given the flexibility of plastic kits nowadays.

Taking into account I decided this last night, the image above was my first attempt. Taking the arms from a Lascannon Devastator, I trimmed back as much of the weapon as I thought necessary and stuck a bolter in its place. I will probably trim off the fingers of the left hand and sculpt new ones around the bolter, but I didn't think this was a bad first attempt given it took all of 15 minutes.

The next attempt will probably involve chopping up the various sections of arms and pinning/sculpting things a lot more accurately. This current version doesn't allow the bolter to come up high enough to match the classic original. I may even use the kneeling legs for variation next time.


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  1. I think you should've used the running MK6 legs from the Assault Squad box.. The original model is dynamic, your conversion looks static with planted feet.

  2. Thanks for the blast from the past mate. That guy was the first 40k model I ever painted, around 18 years ago. I think I've still got him somewhere.