27 March 2010

Hailed vs Hated: Blood Angel outrage!


My brothers, news has filtered back to us of an atrocity inflicted upon our beloved chapter.

As you know, the Chalice of Saintly Healing, a holy relic entrusted to Sanguinary High Priest Vassar, was lost to us when he fell in combat during a boarding action many years ago. The enemy vessel disappeared, assumed destroyed, and our chapter wept for the loss of such a revered and holy treasure. We recently heard that this same ship has been spotted re-entering normal space from the warp, albeit twisted and contorted from its incarceration in the ether. We dispatched, under great secrecy, a group of veterans to retrieve the Chalice and bring it home.

It would appear that our brothers walked into a trap so devious that it defies belief. They were cut off from any means of escape and butchered, tortured and dismembered by an entity of sheer malice, with no respect for life or honour. In addition to the holy Chalice, the creature is now in possession of the Banner Encarmine. Only brother Fractus survived, the Emperor alone is holding his mind and body together, and he gave us all the information he could. We also have a limited number of snap shots from his head cam.

Our investigations are but a few days old and we are already making headway. Such butchery will not go unpunished or unavenged. They have defiled what is sacred, and debased those who are honoured by us. And it is done with such intent and spite that we must crush this aggressor with the full might of the 5th Company, regain our honour and those treasures that are holy to us.

In addition, in the last 24 hours, we have found a name for our pain.....Arrugginiti.


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