24 March 2010

Greenstuff: Shaping Scouts

Here's a little project that is a couple of years old now. I always wanted a unit of sniper scouts to run with my Dark Templar army, but there were only two metal models available. Having painted up a version of each, I wanted a couple more that looked different and preferably kneeling down.

The first conversion was quite straightforward, sculpting a hood on the current kneeling model – easy enough. The second conversion was my first serious go with greenstuff. I hacked up one of the standing models, leaving just his torso and his boots. I pinned them onto a base and proceeded to fill in the gaps with greenstuff, using the current kneeling model as a reference guide. Once the legs had cured I moved onto the cloak, again using the kneeling original as a guide.

The one thing I did learn from this was that you have to let greenstuff cure slightly before attempting to sculpt it at all, then go back every half/hour and refine and smooth, refine and smooth – right up to the point where the thing is solid.

All in all I was quite pleased with the way these turned out. Trouble was, the following month GW released plastic sniper scouts – ouch!


  1. Ah well- at least you got to make some unique models and get some GS experience in there. Well done, btw.

  2. Very nice mate, a lot smoother than my attempts at cloaks.

  3. Thanks guys. As I mentioned, I learned all about gong back to your sculpt every hour and tightening/smoothing everything until the greenstuff if virtually solid with this project.

    I completely agree with your recent post Col. that you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone with the greenstuff thing, and be prepared to fail in order to progress at all. The Guard 'extras' you've been doing are an excellent way to achieve this I think, by keeping it fun, not turning it into something you dread attempting for fear of it looking poor. Start simple and go steadily on from there.