26 January 2019

New Year, New Army… Or Three

So given that it is a new year (and we're already at the end of January), what are the hobby plans? Do I have any hobby aspirations for the year?

The first part of the year will be taken up working… on the upcoming Anvil 8 releases. We've got a monster of an RPG book to put together as well as getting collateral ready for this year's gaming shows. That's going to leave very little time for personal hobby goals.

However, this last month I have got back my excitement for 40k. I dug out some of the old models and have been doing a lot of reading of blogs and books. I really want to get my Mk6 Dark Templar project off the ground – I know, I know… again! In the past there has always been a plan, but the scale of the project was just too overwhelming to get stuck in. As a consequence the project never really got out of the gate.

I've also really got a bug to do some Crimson Fist space marines. I've wanted to do them for years, but never did, and it would allow me to use up some of the Imperial Fist bits I've got left over from that doomed project. To complicate things more, I like the idea of doing some Blood Angels again – they were the first chapter I was drawn to all those years ago. Maybe some Dark Angels too – the colour scheme I borrowed for my Dark Templar for all those years.

But if I can't get one army started, then the notion of starting 3 is ridiculous. I was being torn in lots of different directions – leave the Templar on the back burner, do Primaris Crimson Fists, so Mk7 Crimson Fists, do Primaris Blood Angels, pick up the Iron Warriors again, arghh!

Then this morning, whilst purchasing a boat load of plastic miniatures to be a part of whichever route I take, the answer came to me – Kill Team!

Kill Team requires only half a dozen models or so to play (in the case of marines). I can create multiple viable 'armies' for each of these chapters by building and painting only half a dozen of each chapter. Just enough to dip my toe into a particular paint scheme before moving on – no time to get bored. In addition to this, each model is it's own character in Kill Team, so there are no rank and file models to paint – again, no reason to get bored. Even I can paint six models (if I put my mind to it).

Hopefully this solution will allow me to scratch an itch or two I've had for a while, and have playable armies at the end of it. But where to start?

The first thing I need to do is re-read the Kill Team book, see what's available for each chapter, and get some starting lists down on paper. This will give me a shopping lists of the models I need to build, and then the fun can begin.

Fingers crossed there is some progress!