27 November 2011

Sunday Catchup & Clearout

A lot has been going on since the last post of note, which I won't go into. Thought it was time to do a quick overview of the gaming-related highlights…

Fug had his first official Malifaux win this last week, Raspy beating Sonnia 6-4 in a highly contested Shared Deliver The Message strategy. He has since decided to take a break from Arcanists and has Lilith waiting in the wings, so Guild vs Neverborn action soon.

My Malcontent resin bases are officially available on Ebay now (link to the right). It's been slow going and I haven't had chance to add to the product line, or paint a single miniature in two months which has been frustrating. Hopefully things will improve, especially as I finish for Christmas on the 16th December!!

We've had mice in our attic at home during the last couple of months. I went full Defcon and the loft space was looking like a minefield, reaping several confirmed kills. Whilst this was a stressful time (My wife got stressed about the mice and I got earache to sort it as a consequence which was stressful), I did have to empty the attic of all the clutter. We are slowly sorting through it and I am in the process of getting things up on Ebay that will never see my gaming or painting table – several of which have been really difficult decisions.

To see what's on offer have a look on my Ebay page – the Shaggoth at the top of the post is one such item as well as some OOP Confrontation stuff. There will be more in a couple of weeks when Ebay do another free insertion fee weekend.

Other points of interest. Myself and the wife went up to London last night to watch Driving Miss Daisy at the Wyndham Theatre. It was a semi birthday present for her, but the main reason I bought the tickets – if I'm being brutally honest – was to see the legend that is James Earl Jones. He may be my idol for being the man behind THAT voice but the man is a genius and an actor of superb calibre.

I found out today of the death of Gary Speed, Everton FC legend and current manager of the Welsh national side. He was 42, and a footballing gentleman if ever there was one. It would appear he took his own life, which is very strange for someone who had the world at his feet and appeared to all – including close friends – to be very happy with life. I will be interested to see if anything develops from this. Needless to say I am stunned and quite gutted by this. R.I.P.

15 November 2011

Blogshare: Painted Addiction

I have lots of names in my "blogs I'm following" list, as I guess you have too. Some haven't posted in months, some I haven't visited in months. Some I visit almost every day or at least every time they post regardless of what the post is about.

This select few make up the core of my blog visiting routine in a morning and I wanted to share them with you (in no particular order) and say thank you to some talented individuals. Some already have a massive following, some just a handful of dedicated visitors but they all strike a chord with my own gaming… and maybe yours too.

First up is Painted Addiction

I'll be honest with you, I added this blog to my list when its author Rob started following my blog, by way of courtesy and support. I didn't really pay much attention at this point, just clicked to follow and that was that.

However, all credit to Rob – who is over in New Zealand – he has consistently posted things of interest. Great models, conversions, battle reports and not stuck with any one gaming system either.

He struck a chord when he started painting up some cowgirls for Legends of the Old West, a book I have on my own gaming shelf. He flagged up his research and thoughts prior to painting and showcased his models throughout. From here he moved on to Pirates (again female) and his fantastic pirate ship conversion. This sparked my interest to the point where I've actually ordered some of the same pirates for my own gaming.

In amongst these projects are posts about Gladiator, Warmachine, Infinity and a good game or two of Battletech – a system that I know nothing about but the posts have great in-game photos.

Painted Addiction is one of those blogs that wears its heart on its sleeve. It doesn't claim to be a source of all knowledge, it's just a guy sharing his gaming experiences and thoughts on his blog. It always has great photos, great models and I've really enjoyed reading it (and will continue to do so). Thank you.

Go visit Painted Addiction now!

All images on this post are the copyright of Painted Addiction.