23 August 2013


I though I should acknowledge this day for posterity.

Today is my last day in full-time employment!

I handed my notice in just about 4 weeks ago, now I finally get to see freedom. It's been a rough 3 years – it's amazing how individuals want to drag everyone else down and work against the best interests of their own business. You can only treat it as 'water off a duck's back' for so long, day in and day out, before it starts to bring you down… and life is too short to be this unhappy.

So, just 8 more hours to go before I start a week of prepping for life as a freelancer designer (again). Very exciting times ahead (if a little nervy).

To be continued…

13 August 2013

More Art Inspiration… Artgerm's Ladies

After yesterday's post I had another look through Stanley Lau's Deviant Art page to take in his catalogue of work. It's truly amazing – the guy has a talent to be sure. I thought I'd share some more of it here, but if you get the chance, go have a look through his gallery… and be inspired!

…And how many of you remember these guys from childhood?

12 August 2013

Inspirational Art…

Wonder Woman by Artgerm

My enthusiasm for digital art has found a new level, as regular visitors of the blog will be aware. Deviant Art is the website where artists and photographers go and show off their talent, whether beginners or professionals, and it is a superb resource for inspiration.

Industry visionaries like Stanley "Artgerm" Lau caught my eye during my initial visits to the website. Yet as my interest has developed and I've dipped my toes back into the art pool, I've found more applicable inspiration.

As much as the polished finished work (as above) are amazing, I'm finding what artists refer to as 'speedpainting' of more value. Being a graphic designer, I find the more abstract aspects of the speedpaintings very appealing – the ability to describe an element or scene with a few simple strokes is fantastic to me, and is the direction in which I want to develop.

With this in mind I thought I'd showcase my Top 5 Deviant Art Artists and Artworks. Enjoy!

Stout by Mr Jack
One of my favourite artists, Mr Jack has done a lot of work for Blizzard. His polished pieces are amazing but, as I said, I find his speed art (like Stout above) simply aspirational.

Planet Unknown by Lingy-O
Lingy has a lot of texture in his art and some fantastic speed art, simple gestures allowing your eyes to fill in the blanks to create the scene.

Red Robot by Zedig
I love almost everything Zedig does and a true inspiration at present.

There Was Rain by Amirzand
Amir has a very abstract feel to his work and I love the shapes used to create this picture.

Data Mage by Madspartan013
I love this piece by Madspartan, lots of texture and simple shapes to build up an image full of emotion.

More art to come, and a big announcement on Wednesday this week!

08 August 2013

Roman Armour Test…

The painting continues. I've really got the bug here, so if I can't be painting models at least I'm painting something!

The fascination with painting Roman Legionaries is driving my digital work at the moment. This week I started another image. It was supposed to be very loose and quick but (as usual) I got stuck into detailing the armour, even before the rest of the image had taken shape. So this has turned into an armour study piece – though not finished yet. I love the Lorica Segmentata armour that the Legionaries wore and I enjoy painting it.

For this particular effort, instead of going standard colours, I'm trying out different light sources, with little to no reference. Not there yet but things are moving in the right direction. There's a light source behind the soldier that doesn't seem altogether natural…hmmm.

Messenger by Amirzand

Maybe one day I may actually get around to painting something in the style of one of my Deviantart heroes (above)…

05 August 2013

More Roman Artwork…

Another scribble from my wacom pad as I practice getting my digital art skills up to speed, something fun based upon a photo from Flickr. Another step in the right direction and more fodder for my Roman project.

I'd actually like to get back to painting some models but the enthusiasm is not there at the moment.

I will be announcing my secret project in about a month's time and explaining what it's all about!

To be continued…