19 October 2015

The Russian Bots Are Back

A quick look over the blog stats these last couple of weeks has pointed to the fact that the Bots are back – the blog getting double the number of hits it would normally. It's a bit niggly given that I'm interested to see how the stats hold up while I'm in hobby purgatory. Not to worry – building work on the house is coming to an end so next month should see hobby time kick off again (to some degree at least).

Talking of Russia and Bots I came across this Kickstarter recently. Although I've been aware of Pulp City for ages, I only downloaded some rules last week. I found them rather interesting so when a related Kickstarter appeared I was very interested. Alas an opening pledge level of $95 is too rich for me, given that I'm not that emotionally invested in the game yet.

Some great looking minis in there, but not sure that having a game based around the cold war is particularly prudent at the minute, given how tense things are between East and West over Syria.

Amongst other things on my radar this week – the Raging Heroes Light & Darkness Kickstarter. This finished some time ago but you are still (somehow) able to pledge via Paypal. I saw this when it launched and as much as I love what RH are doing, I don't really have a use for their models. I'd love to say I'd paint them one day but if I'm honest they'll sit in a box for a couple of years then find their way to Ebay. However, after seeing the sculpts of their range of hero nuns – yes Hero Nuns! – I was nearly swayed to part with some cash… nearly. These Daughters of the Crucible are stunning models, if sort of twisted. Mind you this whole Kickstarter is twisted so they fit in well with the theme.

I'm sure if pushed I could find a use for these models, but cash is too short for such extravagance.

Back to the rule-writing!

07 October 2015

I'm Still Here…

Astro by BurenErdene

Life has its twists and turns for all of us. Here at DT Towers things have gone back in time it seems like. With our kitchen extension complete (except for minor things like lights and electricity) we're having the new kitchen fitted. Only issue is that the old one has to come out first, so we've been without kitchen facilities for a few days now. We spend our evening foraging around in a candle lit dining room looking for utensils and packets so we can have something to eat or make tea. Having gone years without a microwave, it's become our lifeline.

Of course these things come in threes, so the lack of a cooker and kitchen sink coincided with me being ill for 3 days with a stomach bug then on day 4 having my first full day on Daddy duty as my wife went back to work after maternity. Boom!

On the plus side, I have bounced back from my illness feeling better than I have in a long time (three days without food does provide a thorough cleanse to the system). Me and young Finn had an awesome time on Monday together while his mum was in London and stuck on trains coming home.

As you can imagine, hobby time is a distant dream and on the rare occasion I could do something there is nowhere to do it as the contents of our old kitchen now resides in the living room and spare bedroom. That's not to say that the hobby is far from my thoughts – in fact not being able to participate makes it a permanent resident in my mind and I find myself constantly hatching new plans and schemes and finding more excellent models to purchase once things calm down.

So many things to do!

Stay tuned for more updates…