21 November 2013

No-November already!

Another month has zipped by without being realised and so I thought I should update the blog again. Things are very much the same – still self-employed, still waiting to move house, still waiting for the adoption process to conclude.

This also means that hobby is still on hold. I'n my eagerness I packed everything model related away a fortnight ago, only to be told we won't be moving just yet. With that in mind I'm slowly coming around to the idea of digging out a limited number of models and paints and dipping my toe back in. My painting tray is now spotless so it's the perfect time.

I also made a couple of purchases this week. I found myself on Ebay last weekend bidding on a couple of Blood Bowl teams. I like the idea of Blood Bowl, I always have. Myself and Bull used to play many moons ago but in my over-competitive haze of that era I didn't enjoy it as much due to Bull's Orks being really rather good. I like the fact that it is a pick up and put down kind of game – once you have a team you don't need to buy anything else (unless you wanted another team that is) and can play without much prep at all. So I purchased my old team back (as it were, not the actual models I used to have) the Undead. I also picked up a Dark Elf team… and some Humans. Hopefully the limited number of models will mean they get painted quickly (I shall not be going for a competition-level paint scheme this time) and I can always stick the excess back on Ebay.

I've also been looking at Warhammer Fantasy. As much as I don't want to give GW any more of my money, I like the idea of having a small army to play should the occasion arise. I still have the remnants of my old Warriors of Chaos army – well, 12 chaos warriors and a couple of sorcerers is about the sum of it – and it makes sense to make use of it that buy something completely new. With the new edition of WHFB pencilled in for next year it seems a good time to get a fledgling 500 points together.

I also looked through my Nurgle marines last night. Still a lot of models to paint there as well. Something else to be thinking about. As much as I don't want to try and paint too much too soon, it would be good to have a game now and again will Bull seeing as I have the models!

That's it for now. I'm hoping the next blog post won't be too far off, especially if I actually have something to blog about!