30 April 2011

Malifaux Board: part 2

Malifaux Board: part 1
Nothing else got done after the last post before we went away for Easter.

First thing this morning I was out to get the remaining bits of wood needed to finish the second half of the board. I had ordered some 15mm magnets from Ebay that arrived this morning also, so it was full steam ahead. Unfortunately the wind had really picked up today, so there was sawdust blowing everywhere and dowling pegs being blown off the table into the gaps in the decking – grrr.

By early afternoon the two boards were complete including the magnets. I had concerns that the magnets would be too powerful and/or cause problems if the holes on either board didn't line up exactly. I need not have worried as the boards snap softly together and allow a little movement to align them exactly.

My woodworking skills are a little rusty since high school (some 20+ years ago) so at the moment the frames don't quite sit flat. A bit of sanding down will solve that but I'll wait till a less windy day. Similarly I had my can of texture spray paint ready for the next stage but it would be futile trying to spray in this weather.

Hopefully I can progress things a little more tomorrow – need to make sure all the nails are flush and then coat the boards with texture so I can begin painting on Monday – fingers crossed!

Malifaux Board: part 3


  1. great idea with the magnets. I've only ever done something similar with dowel before but will given magnets a go this time round.

  2. Yes the magnets were a bit of a gamble although I knew they should work in theory. It was the most acceptable and invisible solution to keeping the two halves together (as opposed to bulldog clips, latches or some other contraption) and they really worked out well.