20 April 2011

Malifaux Board: part 1

Ok, I said I'd blog the progress on my Malifaux board, so here we go – not much to see yet.

I've cut my hardboard into two 3'x1.5' pieces – so when put together they make up a 3'x3' playing area. I managed to get a frame pinned under one board before it went dark, but the other one will have to wait.

I'm going to try and get that done tomorrow evening, however we'll be mad busy getting ready to go "up north" to visit the family first thing Friday – and the mother-in-law is round for dinner – so it's not looking good. Looking more likely to be done on Bank Holiday Monday in just over a week's time.

Going to experiment with some large magnets, glued into the frames, to get the two boards to 'snap' together.

Once that's done I have a tin of textured spray paint to cover the playing side – not too textured though – to help cover the nails and get a uniform surface to paint up. Got a template drawn up for some cobbled streets which will do.

Malifaux Board: part 2


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this as i have been planning a malifaux board for a while.

  2. Excellent – hope you manage to get some useful ideas for your own project.