28 March 2010

WIP: Sanguinary High Priest

After the game against the Orks this week I felt in need of adding to the Blood Angels, and in anticipation of the new codex next week I thought I would create a Sanguinary High Priest – according to the rumours a very useful if not essential recruitment.

I wanted an action pose and started with the Salamander medic in the Space Marine codex (love the kneeling pose). I didn't really want a white helmet on the model so went for the Commander head, shouting for help/cover fire/sticky tape. Whilst I didn't want a model as bling as the new Blood Angel plastics I did want him to definitely look like a Blood Angel, as well as a minor character, so out came the greenstuff.

In addition to my familiar raised neckline I also got rid of the skull on the chest and replaced it with a blood drop. More blood drops were added to the lead leg as well as a tabard. As a final touch I added some tread to the bottom of his boot.

I wanted to add more, but patience (or lack of) got the better of me and I decided to stop there, which in hindsight is about right for balance – I'm looking forward to painting some white armour mixed in with the red, as well as a character very different from anything so far.

The next conversion will be my attempt at dynamic Tycho in a couple of weeks, who will be leading the line in my next battle against the Orks, his old enemy.


  1. Wonderful! Very characterful pose - I'll copy it if I ever make a chaotic medic ;)

  2. A great idea having him Kneeling down - looks fab. i like the action models. Well done sir.

  3. Looks great mate, if I had one criticism it's that the collar looks a bit thick - other than that, superb!

  4. Thanks guys;

    tentakel – as I said, the pose is copied from the Salamander medic in the SM codex, which I too thought was pretty cool.

    Andy – I know what you're saying, though I do quite like the gravitas this adds. I was thinking of trying some thin plasticard as an alternative method next time to compare results.

    Bull – You're going to see this guy up close and personal next month dude! I've also discovered a few things we did wrong in the Killa Kan combat last time.

  5. The colar and the tread on his boot are great touches to the model... especially the tread. I'm lazy and usually just paint it on.