21 March 2010

You Can Keep Mephiston...

More on the blog title shortly.

Got the Twin Lascannon Dred completed, for an unexpected 5 painting points this month. All in all a very satisfactory conclusion, given two days ago I couldn't find the bloody model!

I still needed a solution for my Scout issue. I had found some spare plastic scouts bits that could fill the role, or I had Dark Templar close combat scouts waiting to step in. I wanted to go with the bolters, but I refused to use the scouts heads – they're just bloody awful – so after some digging I found a handful of marine heads from the vehicle accessory sprue that are perfect. I doubt these boys will see any paint before Thursday, but I'm happy for now.

You Can Keep Mephiston...
..cos I've got a Sith Jedi joining my ranks soon!

To be continued...

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