30 March 2010

LAST CALL: March Free Prize Draw

Well folks there's just over 24hrs until April lands which gives you good people about that long to get your name in for this month's Free Prize Draw to win the Deathwing Conversion piece pictured above.

For full instructions take a look at the original post – you have until midnight (UK time) on Wednesday!


There will be little or no action from this blog for a good ten days or so. I have two days trying to contend with a work schedule from hell before going away on holiday to see the clan 'up North' who we haven't seen since our wedding. I may manage a sneaky post (especially given I shall be picking up the Blood Angel codex on Saturday from somewhere Derby way) but no new models till around the 14th.

BTW. Myself and Bull are going to SALUTE this year in London at the end of April to support my wargaming mentor Craig in his new venture Critical Mass Games. If you're going, drop by the CMG stand and say hello!

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