10 March 2010

Painting Points for March

The first painting points for March finally land, also signalling the completion of the AoBR Tactical squad – yeeesss! I'm quite glad they're done, although the three remaining Terminators are waiting impatiently.

As well as the Space Hulk Terminators I mentioned yesterday (who are now stuck together, and to bases, with a 2 pence piece underneath), I also got a couple of the Assault squad guys built.

The whole idea of this squad (so far) has been to build on the pose of their Sergeant, making some dynamic looking models, mid-action, without going over the top. You may have seen the legs make an appearance a few posts ago. I also didn't want to do too much converting as they are only rank and file troops after all.

Aside from the codex itself I've decided not to buy any of the new Blood Angels models at this time. I'm not terribly impressed with the releases, and I have lots of marine bits still around the house – the whole point of this army was to use up my extensive bitz collection, and not spend any money (or as little as possible) turning these guys into a playable force. I guess I just got caught up in the excitement!


  1. Congratulations on getting the Tac squad finished, I remember the feeling when I finished the two Tac squads I've got in my Crimson Fist army, more relief than anything!

    I like the first of the assault marines, the second one looks like he's falling over backwards though - it might just be the angle of the photo, but it looks like the bit of rock he's standing on has tipped back on him...

    Otherwise great job, the first one looks particularly dynamic.

  2. The idea of the second Assault guy is that he is doing the 'Matrix' style running up the wall and turning to pounce on his opponent. I wanted something that was almost gravity-defying that his jump pack might allow him to do. I'll settle for falling of a wall if it makes him look dynamic, haha!

    I'm going to pose my Tycho conversion like the first marine, but facing backwards to fire his combi-melta.

  3. Your painting scheme looks VERY similar to mine! I love some of your conversions. They definitely help make them more dynamic.

    Good luck on bringing up a force of BA... they were a fun army to play and I bet they will be again!

  4. Ah, that makes sense - and with that information it looks very cool. :)