23 March 2021

Confronting The Pile Of Shame

When I heard that Salute was on for November this year, I got very excited… no seriously, like so over-the-top excited I nearly had a fit. My first thought was to get a loot list together, so I started thinking about all the bits I 'needed' to flesh out various miniature collections or projects. 

I felt some nostaligia for the show and remembered all the cool loot I'd picked up at previous shows, then I actually started to seriously think about all the loot I'd picked up at previous shows and started to feel guilty. I went on a bit of a recce to see if I could even find the various bits I'd bought and that still floundered in the abyss that is the 'pile of shame'. The list of unbuilt – or even unopened – miniatures is frankly astounding.

Just getting started

After finding a whole raft of metal in blisters and boxes, I decided to do something about it – maybe to make myself feel better before I bought more, or maybe to get back to old school miniture building (i.e. pinning skinny metal limbs to bodies with paperclips and trying not to slice a finger in the process).

Top of my list was a group of four Reverand Moiras for Infinity, that I bought circa 2011 – ten years ago! – and were still in their box. Then I found some Infinity related blister packs of characters. I stuck bodies into bases and, whilst these were drying, I continued my search for lost Salute treasure.

Before long I found not one, but THREE boxes of Rackham Confrontation models (and a couple of blisters). I can't even guess to the year I acquired these but it was at least fifteen years ago.

I decided to call time on my searching at that point – my cutting mat was full, and I was yet to start the pinning. Yes, I'd dug myself quite a hole, however, once the models are complete I can squirrel them away in a soft and cosy miniature case until I get around to painting them. 

But that's a whole other mountain to climb!


  1. I dare not even crack this conversation open as regards to the piles of stuff unopened, unpainted, or perhaps unseen for numerous years. Your not alone! Then lets add the 3d printing into the mix...

    1. Yes, I'm not even thinking about the 3d printed stuff, lol

  2. Boy, Confrontation! That's wargaming archaeology