01 June 2011

OOP Forgeworld Cityfight Terrain

Last time I was back at my Mom's place I (re)discovered a box FULL of old Forgeworld resin terrain – must be almost 10 years old! I'd bought it around the time the first Cityfight rulebook came out with fantastic ideas of constructing an amazing 40k board. These photos are just a few.

However, having bought the terrain it sat in my flat for months/years before making the solemn exodus North that indicates you've fallen out of favour and are going to the great big storage space in the sky – my Mom's attic.

Needless to say everything is for sale on Ebay – auctions end in ten days time – to aid the "I have bills to pay" cause. I hasten to add there will be a plethora of activity on my Ebay page in the coming weeks as first the Iron Warriors and Beastmen Bezerkers, swiftly followed by the Blood Angels, all make their way… somewhere else!  Given the attention the Blood Angels have received on the blog I promise I will announce their departure in more detail nearer the time.

Here's the link to my ebay page!

Next time: Post number 100!…and photos of Lady Justice and her crew – including completed models!!

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