18 June 2011

All hands on deck…

I was having a look over the blog's stats last night and discovered that in the space of 48 hours this site has gone from averaging 400 hits a day to …12!

Ha, ha – I can only assume that my recent foray into Malifaux terrain has hit a bit of a bum note with the viewing public. I did notice (and fully expected) a drop in audience figures when I moved away from 40k several months ago – which is cool – however, at the moment the site's pulling in less viewers than when I had a hiatus for 6 months and didn't update the site at all, lol.

To my few remaining visitors I say a big thank you and there will be more eye candy soon as I'm close to completing my Executioner for Malifaux and will have a battle report or two in a couple of weeks after a visit north – I'm expecting Nicodem as my opponent which will be an eye-opener. Beyond that we have the ongoing Malifaux terrain (which should get more interesting from here on in) and more painted figures as I expand my Guild resources.

We also have the sale of my doomed Blood Angels later this week, so there will be more photos then. This will include the completed Rhino with Forgeworld doors as well as two Dreadnoughts – the Dred from the starter box set and a regular Dred with Lascannons. I also intend to finish the Sanguinary High Priest before he hits Ebay. More details when they go up.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!


  1. I have been lurking in the shadows of your blog for along time now, since Brian and yourself at a Gentleman's Ones did your "Hailed vs Hated" series. Really enjoy the blog for what it is and where you have taken it.

    That aside though I too have noticed a sever decline in traffic over at my blog, www.Thechaosmanifesto.blogspot.com/. I went from 200 hits a day to a mere fifty over night. Not quite the drop you experience but none the less the same .

    My solution is my "Saturday Shoot Out" series that I have been throwing up for the past two Saturdays. Essentially I publish a featurette on the various Blogs that draw traffic in via their Blog List. I run this in conjunction with what I am currently doing in the hobby.

  2. Hey HOTpanda, thx for the comments.

    Yes, I did ejoy the HvsH we had running but I got 40k burnout not long after the game and have struggled for any 40k enthusiasm since. In fact it is wasn't for Malifaux I probably wouldn't be back updating the site at all – it got me back into the painting and in time the gaming. I will go back and paint the odd marine now and again but I think my 40k days are pretty over, at least from a gaming perspective.

    I added your site to my followed list – can't believe I hadn't done it before – had a good read through this morning, very enjoyable and I like your Saturday Shoot Out idea. I did a lot of thinking yesterday afternoon about the bog stats, etc and came to realise that I've got it all upside down – I should be concentrating on doing the hobby, not how many people are following, so I went back to the paint table this morning.

    Thanks for the support.

  3. I burned out myself 8 months ago and just shut my blog down. During this time my modelling and painting was non existent. The only thing I was doing was gaming every other weekend. As time went by though my urge to model and paint slowly crept back into my life. Now I am in the full swing of things again.

    My suggestion is do what you want to do. If it is Malifaux than do it. Use the blog as a tool to help keep your interest in what you are doing. If 40k still interest you on some level then show case other peoples work with a Saturday Shot Out like post. In the end just do what makes you happy.

  4. My hits exploded when I made the weekly top 10 a few times, but have since gone back to their modest levels.

    Blog about what you like. It will keep you engaged with updating your blog, it will keep your writing lively and it will attract like-minded followers over time, and every esoteric post is one more possible result in a web search on a given topic. People land on my blog all the time searching for strange things.