19 June 2011

The Executioner

Finally got the next model in my crew complete – well almost – can anyone spot the deliberate mistake?
Now we just have to see how he performs in-game!


  1. Paint job looks nice. Not sure if I really love the model though. Those claws seem a bit much.

  2. I know what you mean and he is a bit over the top in-game too from what I can tell.

    He was one of the models I was really looking forward to painting which is why he leapfrogged the last two Death Marshals.

  3. I love the look of the model as it puts a smirk on my face. To me this is what Edward Scissor Hands worked at a donut factory in a steam punk era. Hahaha!!! You did a killer job on painting this model. I really like how the skin turned out.

  4. Hehe, I thought of him as an early Mark I Lightning Claw Terminator who can't get into his armour any more!

    I'm thinking I need to do a few posts about how I paint as I've had quite a few questions about my models recently and I know I love to read tutorial type posts in case they help me to improve.

    The cool thing about Malifaux is the variety of models. There are a handful that I really WANT to paint and will buy purely for that reason. Added to which there are very few duplicates so you can treat every model individually and lavish attention on it. This probably explains my procrastination finishing the last two Death Marshals since I've already done that model so to speak.

    My 40k painting would never be as nice as this purely because there are so many identical models to do.

  5. I agree with eriochrome on the claws looking a bit much great paintjob though man, the skin looks great.