13 March 2014

The Wonders of The Army Painter

For years and years I didn't buy any model paint other than Citadel. It was convenient and what I knew. It was my comfort zone and I didn't stray beyond it. In more recent years I have built up a collection of Vallejo paint and use Winsor and Newton brushes, yet still stuck with Citadel when it came to undercoat sprays.

With the development of my new Nurgle Bloodbowl team, and the need for speed, I decided to have a look at coloured basecoat sprays – the obvious choice being The Army Painter.

I've seen their hobby stuff around the internet and shows for a few years now, but never actually taken the plunge. This new team was the perfect opportunity and boy has it paid off.

I bought the Necrotic Flesh spray to use on my Nurgle team as well as some Fantasy Nurgle Chaos Warriors that were needing a re-colour. This thing covers the models so quickly and thoroughly it took no time at all – my jaw hit the floor when my models got a good coat in the very first pass with the can.

The bonus is that they do acrylic paints to match, so I can go back in with shadows and highlights knowing that it's all based around the same colour.

I managed to get half of the team basecoated in a couple of minutes and they're all ready for some brushwork.

I was so impressed with the results that I'll be on the lookout for more colours when Salute comes around next month. The fact that they do lots of flock material and other hobby goodness has me rather excited to try out more of their gear.

Could be an expensive one this year…

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