05 March 2014

Blood Bowl Succumbs To The Plague…

It's been threatened for a while and now the signs finally seems to be there.
It looks like our little Blood Bowl league might be getting a fifth (or should that be filth) team.

They say variety is the spice of life and it's easy to achieve in our hobby. I have to admit that there are only really four teams that appeal to me in Blood Bowl. I have played two of them and now the third is due to make an appearance, albeit slowly.

Given that the first four teams in our league are starting to develop nicely now, I thought it only right that there be some fresh (hardly!) meat available for when our good friend Michael from 28mm Victorian Warfare steps foot onto the field of play. It would be a bit harsh for him to have to face teams that myself and Bull have learned to play (kinda) over the last couple of months, that have additional skills, so here's my next team in development. Nurgle.

These are definitely my third team – I don't want to spend much time building, converting or painting these guys (just yet at least) so I have a cunning plan. I have purchased an Army Painter spray basecoat in an appropriate colour, so getting them ready for game day should be easy. Spray them evenly, ink/wash them to death, then drybrush the living **** out of them. A few picked out details later we should be good to go. That's the theory, we'll see how it goes for real.

Stay tuned sports fans…


  1. Excellent - I have done some reading and they are 'interesting' to say the least. They definitely have lots of starting skills. The question is - will you be starting with a Beast of Nurgle??

  2. Replies
    1. My "Morbid Spawn" from Kromlech is in the photo at the back.

  3. Can I suggest you do the drybrushing before your wash? I do a lot of painting with washes only using a "staining" method. Check out any of my LoTR stuff, my necromunda spyrers or my raptor legion space marines.

    So what I would actually suggest is, prime/undercoat (the tint on the photo makes it hard to guess - but I'm thinking necrotic flesh is the colour you picked? or a green?). Then pick out some areas with another colour (flip the above, use green if you primed necrotic or vice versa). Then drybrush the whole shebang white or bone (bone might be better) and finally give the entire thing a wash with a muddy colour. Devlan Mud or one of the army painter ones maybe.

    Then when you have time I would pick out some metallics and some details in a contrasting colour like red.

  4. And - it begs the question what is the other team you fancy playing?

  5. Any excuse to buy and paint more miniatures! That said, I was getting a little bit worried about how I was going to fair against all these star players!

    1. Don't worry about star player quality – my star player got killed (briefly) by a Strength 2 Gutter Runner – it's all in the dice roll

    2. Thats MR Throttle to you :-)