04 March 2014

The Grudge Match Recap

Well, the Grudge Match this weekend certainly cranked up the drama level in our Blood Bowl league. I thought it would be a good time to recap on the events of the last four days and to see where that leaves the Darkblades team looking forward.

Grudge Match Preamble
On Friday evening I did a little pre-game note taking. My Runner was back after injury but I was missing a lineman. This meant I would have to take a couple of journeymen again. I was also expecting a backlash from the Rats after their loss to the Undead.

The Grudge Match Report
This is it, the match report for the big game. All the drama, all the injuries. This was definitely the most tactical game of Blood Bowl we've played this season. Both Bull and I were mentally broken by the end of it. There were highs and lows throughout the match for both teams, with a very nervy finish. Games like this are what make our hobby great!

Post-Game Analysis
I took the time to walk through a couple of incidents from the big game, with diagrams to help illustrate my points and dodgy mathematics to highlight some of the statistics. One of the most rewarding things is the after-battle discussions and this proved to be a corker as our ineptitude at reading the rules was highlighted again, with enormous consequences.

A bit of fun, as the news that my dead Darkblade hero made still be alive came to light yesterday afternoon. This was followed by frantic dice rolling via Facetime as myself and Bull got to redo our Apothecary rolls that we'd messed up on the big day.

So after all that madness, where does that leave the Darkblade team?

Well, it turned out that Heartrender was in fact still alive, but in bad shape. He received a Smashed Ankle which, as you can see, reduces his movement. This left a nasty taste on what was a joyous occasion. He will also miss the next game which means he won't break through to his next skill just yet.

This Dark Elf team has had it pretty rough so far, considering we're only 3 games in. I had to retire a Lineman after the first game due to reduced Strength stat; we were missing the Runner for game 2 and a Lineman for game 3. We will now be missing a Blitzer for game 4 and when he comes back he'll be with reduced Movement. I did contemplate retiring him but, with his extra AG and being on the verge of a new skill, I thought I would see how he goes. His role may have to change now from what I intended.

But that's the beauty of games like Blood Bowl. You have to roll with the punches and have to steer around the blocks that Nuffle throws at you.

Yesterday's developments do mean that I get to keep my 100k gold and put it towards a new Witch Elf. As long as I can get a few more gold after the next match – and keep everyone safe and healthy – I may be able to field a full strength side in game 5. No more journeymen!!

Also, I may have to create a new model for Heartrender for when he returns. He's not the same player anymore. His attitude towards the game will have changed and so should his look. 


  1. An idea for Heartrender would be to give him the catch skill next. Then always keep him within a quick pass range of your runner not in tackle zones. Will make it extremely difficult decision to blitz your runner, as with a free reroll on the catch (catching on a 1+ due to AG5) your opponent will need to mark him with several players before blitzing the runner.

    He would also be handy to keep around the scrum, for catching bouncing balls.

    First choice would have been leap, but with reduced movement that is a gamble. I can see you ending up making lots of GFI with him and falling/getting hurt.

    Alternatively you could go sure feet to increase his "dependable" range.

    1. Also if you go the above route, your first skill on the runner should most definitely be pass. You cannot use your team rerolls during your opponents turn, and you will have a minimum of 1 tackle zone on you, so you are looking at a 3+ pass. The pass skill can be used in opponents turn (same as catch above) and takes it from 67% to 89% success rate.