03 February 2017

Bloodbowl - Dark Elves vs Nurgle

Last night saw an introductory game (half) of Blood bowl with Chris. He has been eager to learn, so much so he had read the rulebook (LRB6) and downloaded the game on his pc. Having the tabletop board and models in front of you, however, is a completely different experience.

We decided to try a 6 turn half and talk through out thinking as we went. Chris took the Elves and decided to kick to me. I started the slow crawl up the pitch with the ball (red gem as a stand in). Chris managed to take out a Rotter and it created a gap to the ball carrier. Despite the dodge rolls required, Chris sent a Blitzer charging in. He made the first modified dodge roll and the second, but failed his unmodified 2+ final dodge. Having used a team re-roll already, the Blitzer fell on his face - then disaster... he died!

I got a hasty cage together and the Nurgle beasties moved (excruciatingly) slowly up the pitch. The turns carried on in this fashion - slow walking with the ball and Elves being knocked down. We then talked through the Elves not needing to be in contact with the Nurgle players, just stand off them to slow me down and avoid casualties. Chris started throwing up road blocks in this way which slowed me down even more.

The game plodded on into the last couple of turns so I decided to go crazy. I was within a move and GFI of the end zone so decided to 'burst' through. It would involve a dodge however, but I was confident with my re-roll still in-hand. Alas it wasn't to be. I was within 1 square of the end zone but failed my 4+ dodge roll... twice. Beastman down, balls pops out into an empty square by the sideline.

Chris had one of his Blitzers make a daring raid through tackle zones for the ball. We talked the move through carefully and worked it out to precision. He ducked through, grabbed the ball and dodged back out ready to throw the ball. Perfect pass, and the ball was on its way to a Lineman in space. Then things took a twist.

The Lineman dropped the catch (2+ with no re-rolls left!) but it landed in an adjacent square containing another dark elf lineman. He caught it first time - no turnover!!

We had run out of time as Chris only had one turn left, but he raced down the pitch towards my end zone. Had we been playing a normal 8 turn half he would have scored with ease - my Nurgle boys just couldn't catch him!

So the game finished 0-0, but Chris found himself grabbed by the Bloodbowl bug. We may have another convert here - he just needs to decide who to play!

Bring on the league!!