22 December 2015

More Frostgrave…

Whoops. Seems I just had to purchase the Lich Lord expansion for Frostgrave.

It's the same size as the main book but this time a 64 page perfect bound, soft cover publication. It's a great read with some excellent scenarios and superb additions to the soldier list. Because it's primarily a scenario book it included more background fluff to read, which I enjoyed – each scenario building up to an inevitable finale. Then there's new spells and the opportunity to take your wizard to the 'Dark Side'. Now we're talking!

Obviously I haven't played a single game of Frostgrave, but as a casual observer it certainly seems like a worth addition. Even if you never intend to play Frostgrave there are some interesting scenario ideas that could be adapted for other games.


  1. I am beginning tot think that we will have to play test this one. It seems to have got under your skin.

  2. In Mike's defence it seems to have got under a lot of people's skin judging from the buzz around the blogosphere, mind you I didn't see him put up much of a fight! :D

  3. Lol, no pressure. I like the way this game can be picked up and put down – a bit like Blood Bowl. Once you have your gang (and maybe a few substitutes) you can play whenever.

    1. I also like the way we can use any models we might have already – no need to buy anything new!

  4. You will like this http://www.battletortoise.com/frostgrave/roster.html