10 December 2015

More Painting

Another week's worth of illness comes to a close – this time tonsilitis – and I used a little time (now that I am coherent) to paint.

Ox got some more attention and is finished, aside from retouching on his base and some static grass. Taking the lead from Bull's Masons, I went a non-metallic route with the weapons. It's far more time consuming but looks a lot classier on the finished model. I did this with my Malifaux models way back and they're still some of my favourites in the huge collection of miniatures I have.

I also got to start on Brisket, but that wasn't going as well so I stopped and walked away.

We potentially have our first game of Guild Ball booked for New Year's Eve, so the clock is ticking and there's models to be painted.

Stay tuned folks.