23 December 2015

A Frostgrave Warband?

I get a lot of non-hobby time (like whilst I'm at work) to think about, well, everything and anything really. Today I was contemplating whether I had enough of the right models in storage to create a Frostgrave warband (should the need arise). I have to say it seems likely, so let's have a quick look!

First of all you need a Wizard. Obviously I'm going to go with one of the darker wizarding arts, such as Necromancer or Summoner, so the models need to reflect that. The obvious choice in my metal mountain would be my GW Dark Emissary (above). I'm desperate to use him for something after so many years in a box and he would be perfect for this. 

Image from War Games Store

I also have a Warhammer Chaos Sorceror (painted!) but he looks rather daemonic and is crouched very low – great for dodging arrows but not very intimidating. He may work as an apprentice though… hmmm.

Another alternative for an apprentice is this Sorceress from Heresy. She may be looking all blonde and lovely in this image, but if I were to paint her with black hair and a dark dress she could well look the part.

I like the idea of including a Knight and/or Templar in the list (despite the coin cost) and have a few potentials. The above Knight from Otherworld Miniatures was made for a game like Frostgrave.

I also have a stack of Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warriors who would fit the bill, if a little static with the pose. They would really fit in with an evil Wizard!

A while ago I bought some Reaper and Darksword miniatures. Whilst I can't remember the exact contents without looking in boxes, there are a couple of potential Templar models. The guy above is very eye-catching. You can imagine him in a dark paint scheme and maybe a red cloak looking utterly evil. He maybe a bit too much of a main character for a lowly soldier though.

I also have this character, who is already looking rather evil. I'd even be tempted to shave his hair off. He would definitely fit in with my Necromancer's warband but again, is he too characterful?

Another Otherworld miniature I have is the Cleric I bought at Salute last year (or was it the year before?). He could serve as an Apothecary perhaps or even some kind of melee soldier.

I do have some leftover Lord of the Rings plastic rangers. These would be great to cover the role of Ranger or Archer – maybe even Thief – and it would be handy to have some form of ranged attack in the warband.

Finally I have an untouched box of plastic Norman infantry. These would certainly fill the role of Man-at-arms or even Knight.

Then there's always the models from Zombicide: Black Death that I received recently… oh yes!

So without even looking through any boxes it's clear that I have models to fill many of the roles available in a Frostgrave warband. The only real issue I see is scale. Half of these models are 28mm and the rest are heroic 30mm. I guess I need to dig them out of their hiding places and let hem stand side by side to be sure.


  1. Money can come very quickly in frostgrave so I would stock up on the cheaper members of the warband to start with like thugs and thieves in preference to Templars as after 2 games you will be able to afford on and sack one of the lesser warriors. Unless you lose an apprentice you will have loads of money after 3-4 games.

  2. Way too much time on your hands and I see it has all gone very dark already! All sound great fun and Happy Christmas to you all.

  3. He, he - I knew it! Your right about standing them side by side though, especially when the models are coming from different ranges. Having said that, a common theme when painting would really help to pull them all together.

    1. I learned from my time gathering models for 'The Hood', scale can vary greatly between ranges. If you can stick to a single range then everything is shiny, but otherwise you have to stand models next to each other to be sure!