04 September 2013

This Time Last Year… Joey Berry!

This time last year I was in the middle of my Tale of 3 Painters project.

The big event, prior to auctioning everything off for charity, was a trip down to Plymouth to visit You Tube starlet Joey Berry.

However, the day before our planned meet I set off on my trip and decided to take in the sights of Westham and Swindon 'on the way' to meet my fellow painters Michael Awdry and Andy Walker… got them to sign a Malifaux rulebook to boot. Great day, great guys, silly journey

The following day I got to meet Joey and we did a video interview about the models, the project and the auction. We were also meant to have a game of Malifaux at her local club, using the charity painted miniatures, but the club owners decided (the night before) that they couldn't open up as they'd promised so we missed out.

Instead Joey and myself found a nice quayside pub to sit outside and had a chat for a couple of hours. Before long it was time to start out on the trek back home.

Joey has now become an international superstar, doing You Tube reports from all over the world, as well as working at Creative Assembly. She now lives in Kent, not 40 minutes away (why didn't I wait a year!).

The auction itself did ok. We had some amazing contributors including Fenris Games, Firestorm Games, SnM Stuff, Element Games, KR Multicase and, of course, Wyrd Miniatures. I still can't quite get over the generosity. There were other companies that snubbed our requests… you know who you are! lol

I think choosing Malifaux as the game to paint models for limited the potential bidder audience but made for a great painting experience. The whole auction package went for over £500 in the end which was a nice finish to a long and testing project.

Still not getting the urge to do another one anytime soon, but never say never.

More gaming table posts next time…

+++++++++ Quick note for Jules81 +++++++++

Jules asked earlier this week about the 'potato printing' technique I used to create cobbles on my Malifaux board. Here goes…

pavement stamp

I took a piece of foamboard and cut into it to create a pavement/sidewalk 'stamp' (above).

cobble road stamp

I then lathered it in emulsion paint and pressed it onto the board surface to create a pavement/sidewalk print.

finished road

By repeating this process with different shaped stamps I created a crossroads with pavement/sidewalk for my board. By experimenting with the amount of paint you put on the foamboard stamp you get a more or less distressed pattern with your print.

Why potato printing? As a kid in school we used to do the same thing with half a potato – cut a shape into it and use paint to create repeating patterns or shapes.

That's it – so easy!


  1. Love them roads Mike! And I better not say anything about Miss Berry encase the mrs is looking!

  2. great roads. not sure how I missed the tale of three painters posts last year but looks like it was a fun time.

    1. It was bedlam as I remember it, lol. I got more caught up in chatting and negotiating with potential contributors I forgot about the painting – suddenly realised I had two models to paint to the best of my ability in no time at all. A lot of pressure but I'm very proud of what we achieved, especially as it was just meant to be a few painting posts for the blog – the project kind of grew legs a bit.

  3. Replies
    1. It's funny, I was convinced it was two years ago until I checked the blog. A lot's happened in the last twelve months so it seems like longer.

  4. Blimey, a year already? Seriously? Wow time flys! Still love the work you 3 did on that crew, and congrats again on how much you got for it.

    As for the potato processed roads.. great work! Did the same thing when I was a kid also.. ah memories.. can't wait to see the full and final effect of everything together!

    1. Yes, the Malifaux board looks superb with all the terrain on it next to the roads. It's lasted well given how abused it's been over the last two and a half years.

  5. Great idea with the potato print technique - would have never thought of that. I ruined several of my Dad's shirts doing that at school.

    1. Lol.

      I used the same technique to print autumn leaf shapes on my wedding invitations a few years ago. Worked perfectly.

  6. It's funny you mention it. I think it was about a year ago that Joeyberry first appeared on our Chaos of the Warp podcast as well. *sigh* I miss that pod-cast.

    1. Yes, Joey did mention that she was going to be on a podcast after we'd done.

  7. Thanks man! Hoping to get my own Malifaux city board going at some point and this will cut down on the amount of work I have to do!