23 August 2013


I though I should acknowledge this day for posterity.

Today is my last day in full-time employment!

I handed my notice in just about 4 weeks ago, now I finally get to see freedom. It's been a rough 3 years – it's amazing how individuals want to drag everyone else down and work against the best interests of their own business. You can only treat it as 'water off a duck's back' for so long, day in and day out, before it starts to bring you down… and life is too short to be this unhappy.

So, just 8 more hours to go before I start a week of prepping for life as a freelancer designer (again). Very exciting times ahead (if a little nervy).

To be continued…


  1. Great news, and good luck with the freelance stuff. Live the dream
    Peace James

  2. Best of luck Mike, I'll see if i can rustle up a bacon butty to celebrate with tomorrow!

  3. Good luck my friend, it takes a brave man to face up to his destiny, but it takes an even braver man to pursue it.

    All the very best, I think you're going to do well :)

  4. Good Luck with the new endeavour!

  5. Thank you all - appreciate the support.
    Things are starting to take an unexpected turn already… very exciting times!

  6. Best wishes for the freelancing! :)