08 August 2013

Roman Armour Test…

The painting continues. I've really got the bug here, so if I can't be painting models at least I'm painting something!

The fascination with painting Roman Legionaries is driving my digital work at the moment. This week I started another image. It was supposed to be very loose and quick but (as usual) I got stuck into detailing the armour, even before the rest of the image had taken shape. So this has turned into an armour study piece – though not finished yet. I love the Lorica Segmentata armour that the Legionaries wore and I enjoy painting it.

For this particular effort, instead of going standard colours, I'm trying out different light sources, with little to no reference. Not there yet but things are moving in the right direction. There's a light source behind the soldier that doesn't seem altogether natural…hmmm.

Messenger by Amirzand

Maybe one day I may actually get around to painting something in the style of one of my Deviantart heroes (above)…


  1. These are great Mike, I've impressed at what this bit of kit can do (and you of course!). Who could fail to be inspired by that last image, definitely something o work towards.

    1. Cheers Michael. I intend to do a post shortly showcasing some more inspirational images from deviantart.

  2. You really are getting into the swing of this. Looking great.