11 April 2010

Rebuilding Tycho: part 2

So, with progress made in part 1 now complete and thoroughly dry I looked at shoulder pads. The right shoulder pad, straight off the sprue, has blood drops as per the rest of my BA army with a decorative scroll to indicate the good captain's position.

The left shoulder pad had to be a little more special. I wanted something in the same vein as the metal Tycho, but not exactly the same. I found the blood drop/wing element on the DC sprue and added it to a plain ridged shoulder pad from a Tactical squad. I then took purity seals from the same DC sprue and glued them into the space behind the wing. I then tried out the positioning of the head and, once satisfied, glued into place.

I'm very happy with the way things are going so far. However, one issue I have is that the two DC purity seals added to the shoulder pad now clash with the seal on the arm – it just looks a bit awkward to me.

Once I've added some grenades/pouches I'm pretty much done with the plastic and onto the greenstuff stage.

To be continued...


  1. It's coming along really well.

    the thing that's holding it back in my eyes, is as you pointed out the incongruity between the purity seals, and for me, the tabard also.

    when I look at models, consistency of movement and flow is really important, especially in a dynamic model like you are creating here.

    If I were you I'd consider GSing all the flowing items, like purity seal tails and tabards to ensure the same direction of flow, and this will increase the dynamism of the model.

    Whatever you decide to do, watch the flows :) and good luck with him

  2. Thanks Karitas, it's always good to get a second opinion.

    Couldn't agree more re. the flow of the model. I've decided to avoid some of the issue by removing the purity seals from both forearms, which will need a little GS shaping to match the metal Tycho anyway – at the moment the model is in danger of becoming cluttered with 'bling' and I need to keep it simple.

  3. Looking good. I have a hard time making out his face, but does the model have the phantom of the opera style deathmask?

  4. The original metal Tycho does, but this one doesn't...yet. Once I get stuck in with the greenstuff he will be suitably disfigured.