28 April 2010

Where do we go from here?

I've mentioned recently that I've started to fall back into bad old habits of having several things on the go and nothing getting finished. The painting points score to the right is plain evidence of this and, work and family commitments aside, I have had time to rack up more points but... haven't.

I've concluded that the source of this problem is actually playing the game again, and having a new codex to play with. I come away from a game with so many ideas that I start building new models (Sang Priest, Tycho, Baal, Dreads, etc.) but never go back to finish off ongoing projects (Rhino, Drop Pod, Terminators).

After a busy day at Salute last weekend, myself and Bull had an after dinner beer in his garden and got to chatting about the game. I'd aired frustration at having to use my old green Dark Templar as the core of my Blood Angel army when we play. He told me quite simply I needed to get red paint on an HQ and 2 Troop choices – they didn't have to be finished, but just have red armour. Once I had my core selection I could go back and do the detail painting. I was struggling to find a reason to disagree.

So with this in mind I have been putting together the first batch of vehicle-based Assault marines to eventually replace the Templar. I now have my Sergeant and Melta guys and three others. When more shoulder pads arrive (tomorrow?) I should be able to start on the next five. Once based and undercoated, I should be able to get red armour complete in an evening. Together with my Tactical unit that would be my two Troop choices.

My first BA Rhino is all but done and I am making it a priority to get it finished before the end of the month (ie. Saturday), so I get some points on the board for April. I have the body from the Baal Pred I bought still on sprues and this will become a Rhino/Razorback hybrid (with the use of magnets) for the new unit.

As for my HQ, Captain Tycho will have to wait until I get the above complete – there is a lot of time needing to be spent on him, and he is not the priority right now.


  1. I totally understand where you're coming from mate - having to park new ideas that seem a lot more exciting and shiny than the one I'm working on now seems to be my constant stumbling block. I can't play with miniatures that are unpainted either, a habit I'm really going to have to learn to break...

  2. Cheers Andy, I never used to play unpainted models which is one source of frustration, but I guess if you're starting a new army and wanting to play it straight away it's inevitable.

    Also, the building side of things is where I get my biggest buzz I think, so it's difficult to shelve an exciting project like Tycho to paint more red armour.