11 April 2011

My first Malifaux crew

This weekend was quite productive despite a whole afternoon and evening dedicated to the pursuit of beer, and the entire morning the following day in the pursuit of sleep and a painless head. Undercoated the Death Marshals and got the first bit on colour on Lady Justice and The Judge. I decided pretty early on not to go with the white coat scheme for The Judge – I wanted him to look more of a Death Marshal leader than some shiny individual, want my crew to have more of a unified look to it.

To say these weren't my best painted miniatures would be an understatement. Six months away from the paint table, after twelve months of nothing but marines does not prepare you for painting a slender, busty, blindfolded assassin with more hair than clothes. I also think that my enthusiasm to get started on these lovely miniatures got the better of me and I didn't plan my approach very well. But it's all a learning curve – they will look great on a gaming table, and if I don't get to play them I can always buy individual replacement models and sell these on Ebay.

Hopefully a bit more paint this week before Salute at the weekend. I must try and not buy any more models while there, but the temptation may be too great. I do hope to pick up the expansion rulebook and maybe a carry case of some description.

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