15 April 2011

The Lady…

So after a couple of days away from the painting table I was eager to try and pull things around. My strategy was to concentrate on the crew a figure at a time, giving each one the attention it deserves before moving on – kind of goes against lessons learned after years of painting space marines.

Naturally Lady Justice was front of the queue. Her jeans were in decent shape, so I went to town on her boot armour: Beastial Brown with a spot of Chaos Black through to Snakebite Leather and a spot of Bleached Bone. Her top and gloves got a Necron Abyss/Chaos Black basecoat, highlighted by adding more Codex Grey to the mix. Her sword got the famous Blood Angel armour treatment seen elsewhere on this blog, albeit with lesser highlighting. Her varous belts and holsters were treated with the same Beastial Brown treatment as the boots but with highlight of progressively more Bleached Bone so as to look different.

Finally I gave her pistols and sword a quick NMM attempt using Codex Grey and Skull White. Not totally convinced by it yet, needs a bit more work. However, considering I just rattled it out it's ok for now.

I'm pleased that things have turned slightly for the better after this evening's session. I'm slowly getting my painting mojo back. As I said the metal needs work and I'm still not happy with the skin (or her hair for that matter), but it's all heading in the right direction.

Salute tomorrow – very much looking forward to it – we will see how strong my will is. I just have a funny feeling I'll end up coming home with another crew!

1 comment:

  1. She's looking great!

    I reckon a little shading under the arms would help (on the hair and sword sheath in particular), just to give the miniature a little more depth.

    I'm still tempted by Malifaux...

    I was nearly going to Salute until my wife reminded me we're off to a music festival, blast!