26 June 2012

40k: Get plastic Captain Tycho for Free!

Another giveaway this week as part of the 40 days of 40k…

This is plastic Captain Tycho, and he can be yours for free!

At the height of my Blood Angel frenzy I wrote a series of posts called 'Rebuilding Tycho'.

For anyone who missed it… Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

The basic premise was that, as much as I like the current Captain Tycho sculpt, I wanted something more dynamic (it's an issue I have with a lot of GW minis). The recently released (at the time) Sanguinary Guard plastics provided all the resources I needed to create the basis for my new commander.

Anyway, much like the rest of the Blood Angel project, the enthusiasm dried up and it's time to give the model a new home.

The model itself is entirely plastic, aside from the penny in the base ensuring he stays upright. As you can see I did start the greenstuff process to make him look a little closer to the original. I will find a suitable backpack to include before posting to the winner.

How do I win this stunning example of creativity?

Leave a caption!


Become a follower of this blog or of me on Twitter (make sure I know who you are if under a different name), if you follow already then great, you can skip this step!

Comment below, letting me know you want in, and leave a caption for the Dreadnought image above.

The final day of entries is next Monday (1st July). My wife will choose a winner based upon your answers (she knows nothing about 40k) – unless she can't decide in which case I'll throw it over to random.org again.

Good luck!

The winner of last week's competition has been contacted and I'm waiting for a response before announcing.

If you like the look of this figure but would prefer something more painted, have a look at my current Ebay sales – all my Blood Angels are looking for new homes!


  1. The model looks great and I love to give it a home with my collection. Count me in on this one. Cheers.

    1. Any chance of a caption for the photo HOTpanda?

  2. "Stone base after Labor Day?" one of the Kans remarked snidely.

  3. I want in!

    "A Stranger. From the outside,"

  4. 'Now they've got me over a barrel!'

  5. I want in. Tycho looks magnificent

    1. Also: "Looks like a Mexican standoff. Too bad I didn't bring a burrito with me."