25 June 2012

40k: Blood Angels' Final Bow

I've been promising it for the best part of a year, and now it's finally happening. The Blood Angels are leaving.

Yes, after a monster session on Ebay last night, I have everything listed so grab yourself a piece of Dark Templar history while you can. All auctions are due to end on Sunday evening, 1st July.

As well as the key models you see here, all of which have had their build and paint history documented on the site, there are a host of bits that were never used or never finished. These include etched brass sheets and built but unpainted models.

For those of you who have not read up on these Blood Angels you can browse through their history here – the posts go back quite a way.

For those of you interested in seeing what's for sale or how much, my Ebay page can be found here.


Just to remind everyone that the free prize draw ends today – let's say 5.30pm GMT – so last chance to get your hands on the Sanguinary Priest and "The Melta Guy".

To find out how to enter look here!

This next week the prize will be plastic Captain Tycho… so don't forget to check back later.



  1. Corr! They look seriously impressive. Best of luck with the auction although I must resist the temptation. I might find it difficult justifying them to Mrs Awdry.

  2. Hehe, one of the reason I'm offloading all this is to appease the wife!
    (plus make room for more stuff)