28 November 2015

Strike A Pose!… Part 2

Waaaaay back in February 2010 I did a ranting post about the static nature of a lot of Games Workshop's space marine models. With the arrival of the rather dramatic Tenderiser model, I thought it was about time to have another look at the poses on offer with the miniatures we buy.

Obviously we're almost 6 years down the line since that post first appeared and whilst GW have made some minor improvements (I don't really pay much attention to them so can't honestly comment), there is plenty of drama creeping in elsewhere.

When Wyrd released the Ten Thunders faction (above), what seems an age ago, we got a glimpse of what might be achievable – and in plastic for a bonus.

Image from BoardGameGeek

With the release of Malifaux 2E, and their re-designing of all the Malifaux models in plastic, Wyrd have definitely thrown the shackles off and are going all out dynamic (Death Marshals above).

The other manufacturer on my radar when it comes to dynamic poses has to be Raging Heroes. Their Toughest Girls range (in all its incarnations) are so dramatic and simply stunning models.

When the Steamforged Games crew were designing the models for Guild Ball, they seem to be going out of their way to offer some stunningly posed models. This can be witnessed first hand in the videos I talked about earlier this month.

The hobby is littered with very static looking models. Sometimes (when ranked together) this is a must as more flamboyant poses would be a hinderance (something that used to be a problem with Warhammer Fantasy models at times). However, when playing wargames with small model counts there is nothing better than fielding a collection of eye-catching, dramatically posed models. This is one of the things that has drawn me to Guild Ball and makes buying every model in a team a must.

I'm happy to say that you don't have to look very far to find some beautifully dramatic models. Things are definitely moving on!


  1. Now bizarrely you seem to have dropped off my blog roll, which has been happening a lot recently, not sure why. It seems to rectify itself eventually, but you may need to give me a gentle nudge if I miss anything. As for dynamic poses, I've got to say that I'm not a huge fan. Don't get me wrong they are wonderful to look at, but to work on and then store, I end up in constant fear that something will snap, break, twist or pop off with hours of work up in smoke. Give me a marching infantryman any day. :D

    1. Ooh, now that's interesting. I'd have taken you for a man who would relish the experience of painting an elaborately posed model.

      Ooh, I feel an 'out of comfort zone' challenge coming on ;)

  2. See i'm the same as Michael I prefer more static poses over action ones like these. Transporting a massive army of poses like those above would make me very nervous of breakages. Don't get me wrong I don't necessarily want all marching poses but solid one piece models I would prefer over these. My Penguin crew for batman makes me nervous every time I take them out!