17 November 2015

How To Sculpt A Guild Ball Miniature…

I may not have had much time to paint my new Guild Ball team but I have found some time to research lots of Guild Ball goodness. During my online travels I came across the Steamforged Games You Tube site, which has a few gems hidden in there for sure.

Amongst the hobby tutorials and latest news videos, there are some 'live' videos of the guys explaining the sculpting process. I've watched most of them now, they're really fun and I've learned a lot. If you happen to own one of the miniatures that they showcase then there's an added level of interest. I also find my appreciation for the GB miniature range increased after this – so much love and attention to detail have gone into them.

If you're intrigued by the digital sculpting side of our hobby, or Guild Ball's your thing, then this is definitely worth half an hour or so of your time. You'll look at the miniatures differently after this, and give them more attention when your painting!


  1. Sounds interesting, now if I can just find some time!

    1. Indeed… time – more precious than a Kickstarter exclusive!