27 November 2015

New Butcher Team Additions

Not wanting to be out-resourced by Bull with his fully fledged Masons team, I picked up the two remaining Butcher models that I've had my eye on.

Shank had been an advised addition – thank you Doc Bungle (go read his GB team talks!) – and when looked at again it made sense to add him to the roster. I love the fact he has a 2" melee range and lots of lovely special rules. Given the bulk that my Butcher's team already has, anyone who is mobile and retains a deadly streak is a welcome addition.

Tenderiser is the first of the Butcher's Season 2 models. Aside from the fact that he is a goalkeeper (my favourite position on-field in any sport) the model pose is simply stunning. Regardless of rules there was no way I was passing on this guy. Any model that is posed so that no part of him touches the base – airborne! – is a must. Plus he looks like a horror movie bad guy.

Image from Cool Mini Or Not

Could this be the coolest model ever?

That pose would be wonderful as an Ork Warboss or Khorne Bezerker.

Now I just need to build and paint this team – sounds like a Christmas project to me!


  1. And then there was the crowd chanting ..... "He fell over, he fell over". I just love him to bits!

    1. I believe that weapon is good for smashing stone masons ;)

  2. Oh my, look at these beauties! Not sure I'd trust my thick fingers with that chain though. Now haven't you been told before about buying miniatures just before Christmas. :D

    1. I'm very confident my family won't be buying models for me – they never do – so I get to buy them myself :D