02 November 2015

Return To The Aetherium

After nearly two weeks off work due to illness I finally stepped back into the studio and got back into work mode. Felt good after so long of feeling unwell.

But just prior to my extended absence from the workplace I got the green light from Anvil Eight Games for the next batch of Aetherium goodness.

That's right, I'm heading back to the Aetherium!

Obviously I can't say too much at this stage except… OMG, what gorgeous miniatures, what gorgeous artwork, what a treat it is to work with these guys again.

For those with their fingers on the pulse you will have guessed that we'll be dealing with the House Ikaru expansion. You may remember some of these miniatures surfaced during the original Kickstarter and certainly made an impression.

Yes, the ninja borg are back!!

From my perspective – the visual side of the new stuff – I think we are taking a familiar if slightly more tailored approach to the previous stuff. I'm very excited to be back working with Brian, Chris and the rest of the Anvil Eight team.

Stay tuned!


  1. Great to hear that you are on the mend and exciting news indeed as I know how much you enjoyed working on this first time round.

    1. Thank you sir. Still not 100% but this new stuff is very motivating!

  2. Glad to hear your are on the up and up and remotivated for a range of endeavours.

    1. Thank you. Very excited about gaming stuff at the moment. Just need to find some time!