23 November 2015

Painting Progress: Guild Ball Ox

Painting time has been scarce recently but I have managed an hour here and there over the last couple of weeks to keep things moving.

My main focus has been my Guild Ball Butchers team, and my team captain Ox. Since the last update I have given the skin a Sepia wash to bring a bit of warmth back in. I then set to with the red paint, using my Blood Angels recipe to ensure the red was truly eye catching. It still all a bit shiny due to the number of washes on there but that will be fixed with a matt varnish at the end.

I then moved onto the leather straps which was a four layer process – burnt umber/black followed by burnt umber, highlights in a burnt umber/ochre mix then a dark brown wash. I kept the highlight subtle as I don't want these bits to jump out too much.

For the trousers I started with a P3 Cryx Bane Base and Black. A mid-highlight of Bane Base was followed with a final highlight of a bit of white added to Bane Base. It's a bit harsh at the moment as it's waiting for a wash to knock things back and blend it together.

I ended my session last night by repainting Ox's hair and beard with black. I'll add a couple of grey highlights to this at some point, but it's all heading in the right direction so far.

Once a wash has gone onto a model it has to dry thoroughly so it's not practical to try and paint something else on the model until this is done. I use a second model as a time filler while the washes dry, but kept things simple by painting the GB ball.

I wanted a medicine ball look to it so used a similar recipe to the leather straps above. This time, however, I've done a lot more very thin layers to get a better graduation of colour on the spherical shape of the ball. This photo was taken just after I repainted the base brown so there is a muddy look to it (albeit the light bleached out the image a bit).

I'm having a lot of fun painting at the minute. As much as I'd like to spend more time painting, the limited opportunities is probably adding to the enjoyment. It is the first time in ten years (maybe) that I've painted eyes on a model and I'll do a post later this week to show how I go about it – see if it differs from how you do it.

Stay tuned!


  1. Gotta say - he is really coming out rather splendidly. Well done sir!

    1. Thank you sir.
      I'm sure you'll be seeing him very close up when we start playing ;)

  2. Fabulous job, I do love your shading.

  3. He looks angry :-).
    A marvelous job so far, I look forward to the finished result.

    1. Thanks Wouter! I'm sure he'll get to vent his anger on the Masons soon ;)