Wednesday, 12 December 2012


These are my Plagueletters (nothing to do with anthrax-laced correspondence).

They started life as my "Lesser Daemons" from the old Chaos Marine Codex but never saw the tabletop due to my complete loss of faith in the book. They were hiding amongst my un-finished resin Plague Marines, so when the Forgeworld stuff made a comeback these guys got resurrected too.

From a fluff perspective, I like the idea of Father Nurgle taunting the blood god by twisting some of his Bloodletters into a more diseased version. They may not look particularly "Slow and Purposeful" but they look suitably nurgly now.

I've repainted them in my English Uniform scheme used throughout this army. I have spent as little time as possible painting them which, for me, has been a nightmare. I really struggle to 'slap' paint on models (hence I have a horrendous backlog). I managed to get these guys sorted in an evening, including using a sponge to add colour to their rusty weapons – great fun!

In addition to my twisted version of Khorne's finest, I also have some of the more traditional lesser Nurgle Daemons. They're still looking for some paint but, with a bit of luck, they should be on a par with the rest of the troops by the weekend.


  1. I can understand the concern of just "slapping" some paint on the models to get them done.. but they look good for what "little?" work you feel you might have done on them. Also like the fact that you are using them as converted to Nurgle Bloodletters.. his touch can infect anything vibe is cool!

    1. My thinking has been that they have a job to do on the table, so need painting, and need an paint scheme to suit. I have much nicer models to sink my time into!

  2. My goodness they're pretty sharp for a night's work - just love the sponge effect too.

    1. Might have to use the sponge more. It had a great effect on my rotten tank, which I will explain in another post.



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