20 December 2012

40k: Painting My Chaos Sorcerer Jedi

When I built my Sith Jedi, who is cleverly disguised as a Chaos Sorcerer, I was under pressure to paint a fair number of models for my battle against Bull last weekend.

On top of 14 Plaguebearers I also had a Great Unclean One. This left me a single evening to throw some paint onto this poor HQ before the big day. To add insult to injury, the terrible rain we'd been having that week meant that I couldn't spray undercoat the model – I'd have to do it with a brush.

As you can clearly see this model is still very much in-progress as I only got it part-finished on the night.

Of course the predominant colour would be black, but there had to be colour variation within the black palette so I went for my Black/Necron Abyss mix that I've used before. It gives a very, very dark basecoat and highlights with a hint of blue. I purposefully only used white here as my 'other' black will (eventually) be a traditional black with grey highlights. This should provide enough of a visible difference whilst remaining black overall. It also gives me a good practice for painting Batman over the holidays.

I had decided to go with a skull-like face so went with my new mix. I start with Burnt Umber then gradually highlight with Bleached Bone, adding white at the end.

The other thing of significance is his lightsabre… err, force weapon. We didn't realise this until game day but there are actually three force weapon profiles listed in the main 40k rulebook. The 'force stave' would be the obvious choice with this model, but with an AP of only 4 it is unlikely to ever be chosen. So I'll stick to a standard force weapon profile for now.

I couldn't decide how best to paint the lightsabre so for the purposes of the game I just made sure it was very red. Any suggestions please do chip in!

Still lots of details to be picked out here and I'd like to introduce the four colours of chaos if I can in a subtle way.

Looking forward to part 2!


  1. Heh.. nice model and paint job mate! Really like it a lot. As for the force sabre, well.. I like the red. But only cause it gives visual queues back to a more recognizable figure.

    1. Cheers!
      The paint job still needs work, but he looks so cool on the battlefield!

  2. You absolute star, what a great job Mike; love it!

    1. He's getting there – looking all rather Sith-like