18 January 2010

The Iron Warriors – part 2

The Heroes
Every army has its heroes, and over the last 5 years my Iron Warrior legion has been no exception.

The IW Chosen
By far the most heroic group ever has been my Chosen Chaos Marines. Never have I seen a 5-man unit cause so much havoc and mayhem to opponents. They didn't kill the most enemy models, or claim the most objectives (in fact the missile launcher rarely hit anything of consequence) - all they did was infiltrate into the enemy's deployment zone. For example, I had one guy at a tournament move a Daemon Prince and TWO units of daemonettes to deal with my sneaky unit, taking a massive threat away from the rest of my army. I've had veteran gamers totally change their battle plan because of the perceived upset these guys caused. I don't think they ever survived a tournament game in three years, but they're heroes every one!

The IW Champions
Due to the nature of having lots of 5-man units with a heavy weapon and a special weapon, there was never much room for Aspiring Champions in my tournament armies. However, I did build a couple for the creative buzz and for low key games.

Made from the Techmarine from my original Command Squad purchase, this champion got his Power fist from the Captain Cortez sculpt of the time (the only right-handed fist I could find!).

This guy has been one of my favourite models for ages, yet I've never really used him in games. Based on the legs of the IW Warsmith, the (shaved) head of a Deathwatch marine, and the power weapon and pistol arm from a Techmarine.

More to come soon.

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  1. Nice... I've been trying to track down a copy of that techmarine models for ages... They make great sergeants for both Iron Hands and Warriors...