24 January 2010

McVey Blood Angel perfection

Whilst on the subject of painting Blood Angels, I found this on my rounds of my bookmarks list. OMG, if ever I was feeling a bit chuffed that my Blood Angels were looking good, this surely brings me down to earth as well as lots of inspiration.

If you fancy owning this fella, painted by Alison McVey, it's going to set you back a cool £300 – find out more at www.studiomcvey.com

1 comment:

  1. One day, I will own a figure painted by Mike McVey. Since I started this hobby, he's epitomized the pinnacle of what painting should be (though his modelling has always left something to be desired).

    Alas though, this model's out of my price range--and painted by his wife, no less--so it hardly counts.