31 January 2010

The Iron Warriors – RTB01 missiles

I just wanted to share these models with you. I scoured the earth to find some RTB01 missile launchers when thinking about these guys, and love the results. Obviously some converting had to be done to get them to fit, but it was worth it, and they are a constant talking point when facing new opponents.

I would love to do something similar when I take on the Dark Templar project again, but these missile launchers are just so damn rare these days that it may become a bit of a nightmare – we will see.


  1. I love those old missile launchers. The other bit that looks great on iron warriors is the little chain axe thing that used to go n the end of bolters.

    Great work!

  2. Lovely job there, the old RTB01 missile launchers do look nicely chaotic too - consider me inspired!

    How much conversion work was required?