15 January 2010

The Iron Warriors – part 1

My archiving continues today with part 1 of my Iron Warriors army.

The army started out as a simple list based around the Index Astartes article. I loved the idea of having a Basilisk in a marine army after years of facing the (albeit unreliable) Ork variant across the table. I wanted the marines and vehicles to look really grimy and dirty, as if they'd been fighting for years without respite.

The twin dreadnoughts were the first vehicles to be done, and great fun was had possessing them. I really enjoyed painting them, as I developed my paint scheme. Alas 'golden balls' and 'dread head' are no longer with us – casualties of ebay (for the abysmal, gut-wrenching price of £9 each) when I first stopped playing.

My Forgeworld Vindicator was my pride and joy and I loved this model, though it was a nightmare to put together, and I never did figure out how to use it effectively except as a scare tactic.

And finally, for today, my first Iron Warrior Rhino. This became my Command vehicle, given the attention lavished upon it. Its most infamous moment was at a Conflict tournament at Alexandra Palace – a game against a pre-heresy World Eaters scout army: The game was all but over, I had routed the army and was mopping up until Night Fighting came down the last turn; the two dreads were to take a pop at the last few scouts, but I rolled a 6 for both of them!! They promply turned to the nearest unit (Command Rhino full of guys – couldn't see the scouts in the dark!) and fired Plasma Cannons twice, popping the vehicle and virtually wiping out the squad...ouch! 17-3 win instead of a 20-0 massacre....I never used dreads again.

More Iron Warriors to come soon!

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