01 February 2010

Painting Points Challenge update

January is now over and so it's time to assess the progress on the painting front. OK, it's only two guys but I have raised the bar here in that I have never painted all the details on a rank and file model before, not to this degree with a highlight, etc. On the flip side I didn't paint the serg's eyes – maybe I'll go back to that when I have to apply the decals, but as far as I'm concerned these guys are good to go.

It's going to be a skewed result with the points in Jan and Feb for two reasons: first of all I only started painting just over two weeks ago; secondly I also completed the Dred arms and have another potential 10 points 60% painted. This means I should easily hit those 10 points by mid-Feb and get the next 5-man combat squad almost done if not complete.

That's my aim, with the four remaining Terminators to kick off March, then maybe something with jetpacks or a cheeky HQ conversion after that.

I have to say a big thank you to the blogging community as a whole – the various articles I read on a daily basis have got me enthusiastic to a fever pitch. I don't recall ever being this excited about painting!!

1 comment:

  1. Those guys look really good! You summed it up real well with the article thing, The articles I read through the sites and blogs help me along and inspire me to keep going as well.