17 February 2010

2 more points!

Another Terminator leaves the painting table.

Don't worry, I'm not going to put up a post for every single miniature I paint but it's been a lean week on the painting front so I needed the boost, hehe.

The Assault Squad Vet Serg and the Classic Captain are now undercoated too, as are the remaining 5 AoBR tacticals. I'll be juggling those in the paint schedule over the coming weeks – though I'd lay a small wager on the Vet Serg being finished first ;)


  1. Nice job, I like the contrasting base. Makes the model stand out much more.

  2. Nice, crisp highlights. I'm curious what color you used for the final step. Great model.

  3. Thanks. The final highlights on the armour consists of thinned Blazing Orange along all the edges, then a final highlight of Iyanden Darksun with a little Blazing Orange (to soften the harshness) at prominent points on armour edges. I did a blog of how I paint the armour back in mid Jan.