10 February 2010

Classic Captain

After getting very enthused by a post on Musings of a Metal Mind I hunted around in the attic for the classic Terminator Captain featured in the article, knowing I had one somewhere and eager to give him a coat of Blood Angel Red.

Not only did I find said Terminator, but I also found this bad boy who was immediately put on a base and added to the 'To Do' list. For anyone who hasn't been into 40k that long, this Captain figure was a limited edition purchase (Games Day?) in 1991 or thereabouts – I'm sure others out there can confirm.

Speaking of Blood Angel Red, I was hoping to undercoat the other 5 marines from AoBR today but it's snowing and I can't get outside to spray – bah!


  1. That's not a Terminator armour. That's the classical mk7 power armour.

  2. I know – I did say that I found this guy as well as the Terminator Captain.

    I think it is possibly Mk8 Errant armour judging from the chest piece. What do you think?

  3. Yep, I think the high neck and the cover over the pipes in the stomach area make it Mk8.

    I'm very jealous by the way, I love that miniature!