13 February 2010

BA Veteran Sergeant

I couldn't do it!...sorry.
I tried to just build the model as it came on the sprue but I just couldn't do it!  I fell back into my "must make this model unique" mode and started with the green stuff and the extras. Hehe.

I wanted this guy to follow the style of the AoBR Tactical Sergeant, who has lots of bits attached to his armour. I also wanted it to look like he was launching himself into the air on the hunt for the next target. I raised the neck line of the armour to make him look more solid and protected, and added a blood drop on his fist where the chaos symbol used to be. I also love the idea of the helmet hanging off the belt – used to see that a lot with the Rogue Trader marines. There is a pin running from the bottom of the base, through the two bits of plastic rubble and into his leg, just to make sure he doesn't fall off. The base is weighted with a penny piece – superglued in place then sealed in with PVA.

I'm actually going to paint this guy without his jump pack and attached it at the end – something I've never done before but worth trying out I think. Just a few bits to finish off, then time to undercoat.

Two updates today – you lucky people – as there won't be anything tomorrow.


  1. this dynamic pose is fantastic. the power fist looks great too. really nice work

  2. Excellent putty work, and I particularly like the attention to detail with the helmet and the holster on his hip, etc.

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    I'm slowly learning to get out of my comfort zone and try new stuff – painting and green stuff are prime examples – you can't improve if you won't try.