09 February 2010

Iron Warriors – part 4


More Iron Warriors from the vaults. This Lord/Champion models was one of those random conversions – the miniature was a new release Veteran, and I just thought I really want to paint that. He was intended to be an HQ choice for a Lost & Damned Iron Warrior support army (that didn't get past 3 figures).

 Then there was the case of the Iron Warrior bodyguard unit. Built to accompany my Lord before he ascended to daemonhood. Unfortunately they never got used except for Apocalypse-sized games where we didn't really care about points – just bring all your models.

 That's just about it for the Iron Warriors now, although I may show a pic or two of my IW Forgeworld Baneblade, but to be honest it was painted very quickly the night before one of the aforementioned 'anything goes' games. We'll see.


  1. Nice!

    I love the Lord/Champion chap - it's such a shame they discontinued that veteran model - I have one in my Crimson Fists army. The bodyguards look great too - nice conversions all round, and I like the muted colour scheme.

  2. Argh - I hadn't clocked on to the fact that they discontinued this model...gutted.. though now you mention it I haven't seen it around recently. I do have one sitting in my bitz box brand new, so his value just skyrocketed!

  3. I have to agree with Andy, the Veteran looks awesome, and it does seem a shame they discontinue some of the better looking models.

    Loving the Wielding of a flange mace and fury cloak. :-D